eNtropyInfo Reporter:

App Name: eNtropyInfo Reporter [Report something to anyone from anywhere using your map and app.
iOS: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inforeporter/id488452384?ls=1&mt=8
Android: Coming soon
Objective: See something, Capture that and report


eNtropyInfo Reporter is an iOS App to report or share information. User can able to share any information to anyone using this application. For Example, you see something that you want to share; it may be a problem that can be reported to concern authority or it may be something that you want to share for fun. User can know their exact address, take photos and compile to a HTML format, which can be shared. This can also be share through Facebook and Twitter.

  • Real-time integration to GPS
  • Know your Exact Location, Address, XY Coordinates on a Map
  • Choose your Map Type
  • Take Photos
  • Enter the Information you want to share
  • Share it from anywhere to anyone.

This is a generic application that can be customized to meet specific user it.

Some Screen shot Sample :